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Angela DiMeglio asked 9 months ago

An alternate career setting that I found interesting is working as a traveling hygienist or working abroad. I am interested in this type of career opportunity because I have a strong desire to experience new settings and cultures, which aligns with my desire to help the underserved.
One article I found interviews Kate Crouse who works for Team Placement Service (TPS) which is a company that provides unique travel programs for dental hygienists in the United States (Kulsrud, 2018). 
Another option for traveling as a hygienist would be through the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH) who offer traveling dental hygienist opportunities abroad. On their website you can browse the requirements for working almost anywhere. In addition, the IFDH website provides job postings in all member nations which makes it easier to get a job offer, and work permit or visa (Chron Contributor, 2021).
I would say I am more interested in traveling internationally, but when browsing the IFDH website most countries require you to speak their native language. This definitely limits my options because I only speak english. One place I had in mind was the UK because my parents actually live in Europe (Italy), so this would also bring me closer to them distance wise. 
Any tips for international dental hygiene practice? I know I would need to find a position abroad before even considering getting a visa. Is there anything I should know that will make it easier for me to achieve this? 
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Christine Nathe, RDH, MS Staff answered 9 months ago

The International Federation of Dental Hygienists at has great resources for this!

Tammy Filipiak, RDH, MS Staff answered 9 months ago

I would suggest to the individual that they post in a dental hygiene forum group online and I’d bet there are some hygienists who could give good insights who have done international work.