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MONICA JENKINS asked 9 months ago

To whom it may concern, 
            I am currently in the pursuit of completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. As I come closer to completing this program, I need to understand the entire options that can be achieved once completing my degree. After completing my bachelor’s, I will continue onto graduate school to obtain my master’s degree. I am interested in taking the academic approach with my degree along with continuing to work in a clinical environment. However, would I be able to incorporate interaction with public health also? I find the need for additional public health professionals to be high with the numerous medical and dental concerns we face during this modern time. Do you believe I would be taking on too much at once? Suppose I was to further my education, work clinical, do possible adjunctive teaching, and volunteer or work in public health, would I have additional time to spend with my loved ones? Feel free to reach out to me at my email.
Warm Regards,