Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsIs research included in AS dental hygiene degree programs?
Guest User asked 5 years ago

As a 2002 graduate with an associate of science degree, I did not learn research or any associations (statistics, etc) until I went back for my bachelor of science degree. I was under the impression that this was one area in which all of the dental hygiene AS degree programs were the same, but recently a friend earning her AS noted that her coursework included research. Without contacting every school in the US, do you have any idea how to find out if research is included in AS dental hygiene degree programs?

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Denise M. Bowen, RDH, MS Staff answered 5 years ago

The CODA accreditation standards do not require any curricular content related to research other than evidence-based decision making. Some associate degree programs choose to include research-related information, often as it pertains to needs assessment and program evaluation of community oral health programs or critical evaluation of current literature.