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Randi Michaels-Strimas RDH asked 3 years ago

I am currently a BSDH student at Farmingdale State College in New York. I will be graduating in May 2020. I have been practicing clinical dental hygiene for 36 years and I always knew when the time was right, I would return to college to get my degree completion. My time came a few years ago, I have been  taking 1-2 classes a semester and now I am excited to say that I am almost done. I still have a passion for dental hygiene, but would like to explore a position as a corporate educator. I would appreciate any advice, that you can offer me. Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable time with me.  Sincerely, Randi Michaels-Strimas RDH 

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Gail Malone, RDH, BS Staff answered 3 years ago

First, congratulations on completing your degree at Farmingdale State College! I admire your drive and tenacity in completing this goal. I know the challenges of returning to school after a significant hiatus! Well done!
Completing your degree is the first step. Now that you have that under your belt, my recommendation is to pursue opportunities that involve public speaking, teaching, etc. Most companies look for some teaching/academic experience for clinical educator roles—experience in public speaking/lecturing to groups (could be students) is also a plus.  Perhaps there are part-time teaching positions available in your area that would allow you to balance your clinical practice with building experience in as a speaker/lecturer. Probably one of the best ways to find direction in this area is to scrub all the job postings you see for the type of position you are seeking. Companies will list out the skills, requirements, experience they are looking for in the post—doing this will allow you to identify gaps in your qualifications and then plan and implement the process of closing the gaps in a parallel path to seeking the role you want. Company websites are often the best place to look for opportunities. Identify the top five or 10 companies you would like to work for because you value and believe in their products. Monitor the sites regularly and have your resume and cover letter at the ready so you can quickly modify as needed and then submit for each individual career opportunity. Of course, networking is always valuable—get to know others who currently work in environments that you find appealing.
Congratulations again and I wish you the best of luck!