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Gabrielle Marie Damin asked 3 years ago

I am a BSDH student at Farmingdale State College in NY, and will be graduating in May 2020. I decided to return to school and earn my BSDH in the hopes of entering academia in the future. I would love to earn a clinical instructor position at my local community college. Ultimately, do you have any advice that would help me to be an ideal candidate once I apply for a clinical instructor position and anything to be mindful of as I try to enter an alternate career setting? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks! 

2 Answers
Pamela Overman, EdD, RDH Staff answered 3 years ago

I think one of the most important qualities in a potential clinical instructor is enthusiasm and love for dental hygiene. We want someone who will convey that to our students, so it is important in our faculty. Also, I looked for potential faculty to have involvement in organized dental hygiene. Be a member of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association!

Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot, MSDH, EdD Staff answered 3 years ago

Congrats on your impending graduation! You would need the bachelor’s degree to teach at a community college. I say read the job description carefully and see if it feels like a fit. Be prepared during the interview process to ask questions to better understand what the program is looking for and then determine if that matches up with your philosophy of teaching and career aspirations.