Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsHow do I develop a résumé for an educator position with no previous experience?
Elicia Staff asked 5 years ago

Can you guide me on how to develop a résumé for an educator position with no previous experience? I have been in clinical hygiene for 13 years and I will be completing my bachelors in December. I plan to continue for my masters, but in the meantime I was hoping to become an adjunct faculty member somewhere. I am unsure of how to make my résumé attractive with absolutely no education experience. Thank you so much! PS This forum and idea of mentors is something I have been wishing for since I graduated! Thank you all!

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Jacquelyn L. Fried, RDH, MS Staff answered 5 years ago

I suggest you go to Google and look for sample resumes for educator positions (they do have some for dental hygiene positions). You also need to assess your personal qualities that would make you a good teacher – patient, kind, provides constructive feedback. Applies what you\’ve done in private practice that has applicability – obviously, all facets of patient care would be relevant to teaching. I would emphasize your strengths – patient education, instrumentation, oral/systemic link, etc. Maybe talk about the uniqueness of your employment setting. If possible, you should also shadow at a school to get your foot in the door. Observing faculty with students will help you see how the system works but also tells faculty that you are truly interested in teaching. Emphasize your lifelong learning (e.g., CE courses of relevance) and professional association membership. Do you have a mentor who is an educator? If so, contact that person. Also, Darby & Walsh\’s book \”Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice\” should have a chapter on resume writing. It\’s also important to emphasize any volunteerism you\’ve done – that shows initiative and leadership skills. I always tell students to focus on what makes them unique – how do YOU stand out from the crowd….Hope this all helps.