Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsHow do I write an article for publication?
Melissa asked 5 years ago

I am very interested in writing an article for publication. I currently, work in a periodontal office and would love to write something relating to periodontal disease. Where do I get started? Do journals have topics or do you just write your own subject matter and submit it? Any advice would be helpful – thank you in advance.

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Jacquelyn L. Fried, RDH, MS Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Melissa – I received your query about publication from Jill Rethman, Editor of Dimensions in Dental Hygiene. Congratulations to you for taking the step to consider publishing. My suggestion as to where you should start is to think about what aspect of periodontal disease interests you. Try to narrow it down. Then go to the internet to see what has been published on the subject. Then determine if your idea is fresh or heavily researched. If you want to get started by writing a case report on a patient, go to journals that include case reports (I think JADA has one every issue) so you can get the feel of what to include. Finding a mentor to help with a research report format or writing skills is also important. The internet is a treasure trove for helping direct you as are looking closely at published reports. I hope this helps you. I taught a course on this topic at the ADHA Annual Session last year and will be addressing it again at the Global Dental Hygiene Research Conference in October in Bethesda, Maryland. Maybe you can attend!