Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsHow do I transition into continuing education?
India asked 5 years ago

I have been a dental hygienist for 10 years and have always wanted to transition into a Continuing Education facilitator/lecturer. Any advice on steps to take to begin that process?

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Candy B. Ross, RDH, BS Staff answered 5 years ago

My suggestions would be for you to gain some exposure on a local level. I personally feel the best way is to volunteer your time at local events. You want people to come to know you, your energy, your desire to be part of the professional community. Build your reputation as a “doer” and someone to be counted on to serve. Choose a subject matter that you are passionate about and would be relevant and possibly unique to RDH’s and CDA’s (e.g., preventive care, assisting children in developing excellent oral health, how to assist the elderly, new technology review). Develop a presentation from there that you could offer/volunteer to present at your local RDH or CDA study clubs. The goal would be to get a feel for what lecturing is all about, get to know other professionals in your community and allow others to come to know you as someone they can call upon. I would also volunteer at any charity event you can (e.g., Mission of Mercy, Give Kids A Smile, Team Smile). These are just a few of the dental charity events that go on all over the nation at a local level. I have made so many connections with dental professionals at these events that have led to other opportunities. Read and learn as much as you can to keep up with the latest technologies. Dentistry is rapidly changing. Make yourself a resource of information who people will come to recognize and acknowledge. I believe life is a gift and if you strive to give to others, it will come back to you tenfold!