Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsHow do I find out information when moving to a new state?
Guest User asked 4 years ago

I am planning to move to a new state and I would like some information on job market, pay, and specialty areas that may be needing dental hygienists. What is your advice for finding this information?

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Lucinda B. McKechnie, RDH, BS Staff answered 4 years ago

I would contact the state dental hygienists’ association to determine what the average fee scale is in order to be prepared for an interview (in addition to health care coverage, personal and vacation time, etc). Word travels fast, especially in smaller states, so it obviously would be helpful to know dentists who are difficult to work for or have had unhappy dental hygienists revolving through the office. In addition, I would contact the state dental association for potential placement positions for dental hygienists, including names of specialists who may be seeking employment. It’s always worth sending resumes via email in case offices are in thinking about employment. Our dental office (I work with my husband and we employ four dental hygienists aside from myself) appreciate emails or mailed resumes to peruse or file for future reference. Attaching a picture to your resume is helpful as well.

Laura A. Mallery-Sayre, RDH, BSDH, MSDHEd Staff answered 4 years ago

I have found that one of the most reliable sources for gaining information on the job markets in each state is to inquire through the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) website or its constituents. Most state associations have the pulse of the job market in their respective states. However, not all states will allow access to their websites for employment offers unless the dental hygienist is a member of ADHA.