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AvatarChristine Boulay asked 1 month ago

 My name is Christine Boulay.  I am a student enrolled in the BS program at SUNY Farmingdale.   As an assignment, we were advised to ask a dental hygiene mentor a question.  I decided to reach out to you because I noticed that you mentioned dental therapists in your Q & A session.  I am interested in bringing dental therapists to my area and possibly furthering my education to become one.  I feel very strongly that dental therapists can help communities in many positive ways decrease the oral disease epidemic!  I have noticed that some states have been reluctant to allow dental therapists into the work force.  New York, the state in which I reside, is one of them.
My question to you is:
What can students, and/or clinical dental hygienists and I do to influence state policies to help bring dental therapists to our communities?
Thank you for your time!
Christine B