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AvatarRyan Galardi asked 1 month ago

Hello,  My name is Ryan Galardi and I am currently continuing my education in dental hygiene by completing my bachelors\’ degree. I am excited about this journey that I am on and the opportunities that lie ahead. I have multiple interested in where I would like to go. I was hoping that I would be able to get some insight on how you helped determine what path you wanted to take? Did you try multiple areas of interest before choosing one? I am currently looking further into the business side of the dental field and also the Public Health side. I do know that I enjoy working in pediatrics a lot. So, if I decided that Public Health was the right path for me I would want it to focus heavily on children. In your career path what have been some of your major achievements? What are some of the hardships that you encountered? If you could go back and change one thing by doing it differently would you and what would it be? I look forward to hearing your stories and hope that you will be willing to share some of your knowledge with me.  Thank you, Ryan