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Glenore De Jesus asked 2 years ago

Hello. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. I know that more opportunitites would come once I completed my bachelor’s degree. I am interested on becoming an educator but I am not sure if it would work for me. I am a mother of two young children and I hoping to go on a career path that would allow me to manage my time for work and family. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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Rachel C. Kearney, RDH, MS Staff answered 1 year ago

Being an educator is a very rewarding career. There are often options for full-time and part-time positions in dental hygiene education. Having a full-time position is demanding and hard work, but if you can set clear boundaries and have good time management skills you can enjoy both your career and your family. Being an educator has been the most rewarding part of my career so far, and I would encourage you to talk to some educators about their path and their day to day schedules. Best wishes!

Kathryn Dolan, RDH, MEd Staff answered 1 year ago

I would encourage Glenore to pursue a career in dental hygiene education. I raised two children while teaching and found it to be manageable and extremely rewarding. Many dental hygiene schools (and dental schools) hire dental hygienist to teach both clinical and didactic courses on a part-time basis. My teaching career has included teaching clinical hygiene part time at a dental hygiene school as well as teaching didactic course at a dental school. I will say that the didactic courses keep me busy during the semesters that I teach but knowing that my load will ease up once the semester ends, makes it easier to manage. Good luck as you figure out your career path!

Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot, MSDH, EdD Staff answered 1 year ago

Can I assume that you are interested in teaching in dental hygiene?  You will find that education is very flexible when it comes to family and work BUT that is a discussion you would want to have as you move forward considering options.  One good way to find out how this works in your current area – is to contact some dental hygiene programs and then ask if you could meet with the director to talk about options.  We are ALWAYS looking for part-time faculty, if you were decide you wanted to start with that.  There are soooo many options – just start exploring and see what you can find.