Mentor Advice ForumFurthering career in dental hygiene with a BSDH degree
Kateryna Takmakova asked 9 months ago

I’m currently a student pursuing my BSDH degree. I’m also working full time as a dental hygienist. However, I would like to explore other opportunities such as management position, or becoming a clinical instructor for students in dental hygiene program.
I am seeking your advice. Is it hard to obtain a career in both dental hygiene and management? Anything I should focus to pursue such option? 
Is it difficult to be a clinical instructor? I’m worried about my accent, speech, and grammar (English is my second language). Do you think this might be a barrier to being successful in educating others? What steps can I take to become more comfortable and “let go” of the fact that I might seem unprofessional to students? 
Thank you