Mentor Advice ForumCategory: QuestionsDo you need further education to be accepted into the research field?
Amelia asked 5 years ago

I would like to get more involved in research and am particularly interested in diode laser use in dentistry. I currently have a BS in psychology and my AAS in Dental Hygiene. Do you typically need further education to be accepted into the research field?

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Sandra K. Rich, RDH, BA, MPH, PhD Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello, Amelia, There are a number of different levels at which one can get involved in research, ranging from doing volunteer work in a laboratory to serving as principal investigator on a multimillion dollar NIH or industry grant. I can only speak for research in academia as opposed to that of industry. You have indicated interest in a particular topic (diode laser use) and I suspect that there is not an abundance of researchers in academia investigating this area. I would say that for someone to be involved at the highest level of research in academia they would most likely need a science-based doctorate/PhD to win a large grant. Research costs money, as I am sure you are aware. However, research laboratory positions, volunteer or otherwise, may be more easily obtained and could be a good way to start or get involved. You might look into what is going on at your local universities, contact some laboratory personnel, and see if there are positions available that could match your goals, talents and interests. Thank you for your question and good luck in whatever you do!