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Michelle asked 3 years ago

As a dental hygienist, I always thought that it was important to continue our education. Thus, I have begun advancing my education by completing my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene once I obtained by license. I hope to become a clinical educator with my dental hygiene degree, and eventually advance into teaching didactic courses because I have a passion for teaching. I have seen that most of my previous professors had obtained a Master’s degree mainly in public health, but I would like to get a Master’s in dental hygiene. Do you think that continuing my education should be focused on dental hygiene or I should become more well rounded in other areas surround the dental hygiene field? How can obtaining a public health degree vs. M.S. in dental hygiene further my career in academia?
Thank you in advance for your advice!

2 Answers
Christine Nathe, RDH, MS Staff answered 3 years ago

I would definitely recommend a master of science in dental hygiene (MSDH) especially since you are interested in didactic teaching. I think becoming an expert in dental hygiene is what is important if you are teaching others dental hygiene. In our program all faculty members are required to have a MSDH for positions.

Kathryn Dolan, RDH, MEd Staff answered 3 years ago

Deciding what to concentrate on for your master’s degree can be a tough decision. My master’s is in education even though I work in both public health and education. Sometimes I wish that I had that second degree in public health. Although I have learned a lot from working in the public health field, I believe formal training is invaluable.