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Katrina asked 9 months ago

Hello. I am currently doing my completion program in dental hygiene. One of my courses a practicum seminar and we need to think about what we would like to do instead of working as a clinician in the long term. I was wondering how are we able to further our careers in dental hygiene and what other opportunities are there other than clinical hygiene? Thank you. I look forward to hearing back.

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Helene Bednarsh, BS, RDH, MPH Staff answered 9 months ago

Would depend on degrees and if beyond RDH/BSRDH to work in public health, admin or dental industry.

Lillian J. Caperila, RDH, MEd Staff answered 9 months ago

I encourage you  to attend a major hygiene conference like ADHA Annual Session.  There, you can network and attend courses that offer much more info. It’s the experience that counts.

Lillian J. Caperila, RDH, MEd Staff answered 9 months ago

If you are interested in public speaking, this seminar would be helpful:

Alice M. Horowitz, RDH, MA, PhD Staff answered 9 months ago

There are several options for dental hygienists other than clinical DH. With additional degrees such as an MPH, MA, PhD or DrPH you can have excellent positions in dental public health at the city, county or state level. Also, you would be in a good position to teach at a dental or dental hygiene school. For example, one of our recent MPH graduates [a former clinical DH] is now employed at the state health department in the Medicaid program.

Tammy Filipiak, RDH, MS Staff answered 9 months ago

There are many opportunities a great place to start to understand the roles for dental hygienists is to review information from ADHA where this is referenced in the standards for clinical dental hygiene practice document.