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Julie asked 5 years ago

I work as a hygienist in a periodontal office and just recently completed my Master’s degree in Allied Health Education and Administration. I want to start “bridging the gap” with the oral-systemic link topic to our surrounding healthcare providers. Any suggestions on the modality or approach I should use to get started?

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Tammy Filipiak, RDH, MS Staff answered 5 years ago

It is helpful to start a “conversation” with other health care providers in the area to begin to create a forum for open discussions on the advantages of inter professional care for patients. You can be the advocate for the importance of oral health/total body health. Find out if there are any local presentations that you can participate in – often hospitals or clinics offer these types of events and you can reach out and offer yourself as a resource. Consider what you can develop to help other providers understand the importance of oral health – might be education for patients or other health care professionals.