Mentor Advice ForumAdvice on furthering my career in dental hygiene?
Zamina Dhalla asked 3 years ago

I am interested in furthering my career in dental hygiene, and am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I am interested in the corporate world, specifically the following: market research, product development or regulatory affairs. Do you have any advice on furthering my career into one of those potential areas? 
Thank you in advance for your reply. 

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Lillian J. Caperila, RDH, MEd Staff answered 3 years ago

If Market Research or Product Development is the focus of your direction, I would suggest you contact a person who serves in this role within a few different dental companies. Once you connect with someone, it is prudent to ask them what background they currently have and if they are not educated in dentistry, it may be interesting to ask what they felt was critical in landing their job. In our company, our Product Managers are basically credentialed with a bachelor of science. in business and/or marketing. If they came here without a background in dentistry, they learned on the job as much as they could to understand how they develop and market products to clinicians. Having a dental hygiene degree before getting into a role like this is a definite asset. But, I would imagine that you may be able to secure some entry position (maybe as a Junior Product Manager) and attend business classes to further your education in marketing/business.
If are are thinking Regulatory Affairs, then I could also recommend that you connect with a person in our company who serves in that role. These folks are probably holding a bachelor of science or master of business administration and then develop their skills with experience in various employment opportunities.
I cannot provide much more help or direction here since this is not my role. But, I work closely with two people who can offer some suggestions if you would like to contact me directly via email:  [email protected]